Saturday, 12 March 2011

I went to see the doctor today. Doctor who? I hear you ask? Exactly.

Lisa Harries would like to apologise for the future blog. It is entirely Doctor Who geek based. If you are not interested in such things (for reasons that I simply can't fathom) then sorry I'm so focused on something that you don't understand, but trust me, the whole thing should be part of your life. There is a video if you don't feel like reading about Doctor Who, it can be found at the bottom. Next blog will be more generally based I promise. (Oh and the first bit isn't Doctor Who just in case you want to read something.)

Today has been a pretty darn awesome day. It has been one that I have been waiting for since Christmas and I was not let down. Today myself and my younger brother Daniel went to the Doctor Who Experience in Kensington. It. Was. Awesome.

Now there is a video below highlighting the exciting times that were had on this day. But there were a few moments that were not captured on camera. I shall inform you of them now.

I woke up nice and early at 7 and did my morning 'pre-outing' photo, summing up all that I was to experience on this day.

Yes that is a Doctor Who calendar and yes I am that cool.

The non Doctor Who bit.
I quickly got myself all totted up to fight time and space and promptly left the house (I say promptly, actually I left ridiculously early as is my custom when I'm stupidly excited about something and can't wait to get there).

My journey up there was not without it's moments, I had a rather bizarre moment as I walked to the bus stop and noticed a young pregnant woman in her thirties walking in the opposite direction. It wasn't until I got closer that I realised that, not only was this woman not pregnant but that this woman was in fact a man. Yes I had confused a rather chubby looking man (with a beard on closer inspection) to be a woman. I automatically felt wracked with guilt that I could have been so wrong and made the decision to avert my eyes from his as I walked past. I think it worked, by doing so he didn't seem to suspect a thing.

The second confusing moment of my journey was whilst I was waiting for the bus to arrive. An elderly Chinese man arrived at the bus stop, he waited for about five minutes before tutting to himself and sticking his head out into the road to see if he could catch a bus on the horizon. So far, this is perfectly normal, in fact I am myself guilty of this action at least five times per bus stop visit. What happened next was the part that left me confused. After searching the horizon to find the bus and realising that there was none arriving, he promptly turned to face me and gave me the most murderous glare I think I've ever been subject too. It almost was as if he was blaming me for the whole bus situation! As is custom to me, my natural instinct was to automatically go through any possibility where this could have been my fault but I came up empty so I decided that I should probably just pretend it hadn't happened. (I did wonder if perhaps he had somehow discovered my internal mistake earlier with the pregnant woman/chubby man scenario but decided that I would have to accept he had super powers in order to go with that theory and I was far to excited about where I was going to pursue that thought any further.)

The rest of the journey was uneventful other than my ipod deciding to play "Teenage Dirtbag" from Wheatus on the tube which made my day as I hadn't listened to that tune since I was 13. Oh and a couple who decided to sit on each other next to me on the tube and kiss passionately for the majority of the journey which made me feel a little less than comfortable, especially when the action caused them to rub up against me at one point.

Other than that I arrived about an hour early and sat around impatiently, waiting for my excitement to begin.

The Doctor Who bit
The majority of my geekdom at being in the presence of so many Doctor Who artifacts is evident in the video below but there were a few areas where cameras weren't allowed that simply made my day and I fear I might self-combust if I don't at least share them with you in word form.

The 'experience' part of the Doctor Who magic was the section where we were not allowed to film. It consisted of watching the highlights of the last series on a wall that had (something that I noticed the moment I arrived) a large crack running through it. The highlights ended by lighting up the crack and the wall split open at that point to show the library from 'Silence in the Library' and 'Forest of the Dead'(from season 4).

Doctor Who suddenly appears through the screens after being locked into the Pandorica for a second time. Then the single most amazing moment of my life happened as, as if out of nowhere, the TARDIS appeared and the door opened. Yes that's right ladies and gents, I got to walk into the doors of the TARDIS and I can tell you now it is bigger on the inside, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Not only that, but once I was in, I got to navigate the TARDIS!! Daniel (the younger brother) did get a little rubbish at this point and kept on reminding me that I was not a child like so many of the kids who were experiencing Doctor Who with me and that apparently, according to his logic, they had first dibs on using the TARDIS navigation tools over me. I failed to see how he could come to this conclusion as everyone knows that the TARDIS is in fact a very complex and grown up piece of equipment and so if the Doctor was going to entrust anyone with it, it would be the older and wiser people in the group. He then went into how I was taking this too seriously and pointed out that the eight year olds didn't seem to be as excited about all of this as I was. Of course they wouldn't be, I mean they're eight, what are the chances that they fully understand the laws of time and space?

There was some fighting with the Daleks and Cybermen and then a walk through the forest of the stone angels (I reminded Daniel on several occasions not to blink but also not to look them in the eye, I'm pretty sure that that is why we are both still alive). We did all of this and after a particularly thrilling 3D experience we rescued the Doctor from the Pandorica and saved the world. Not bad for a single days work.

Then we got to see all the outfits of the previous doctors as well as see all of the different enemies he has had. Here is a picture of the Face of Boe telling me the secret of the universe.

The rest is in the video below. Enjoy!!

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