Thursday, 15 November 2007

I turned 22 last Monday

Yes that's right people, I am one year older and in true 'getting older' fashion, I looked back on the things I did in my 21st year and think, did I make the most out of that??

Well let's see, here's what I did....

I wrote, directed and starred in my first play (greedy I know)

I left university
I got a full time job at a doctors surgery
I got me a little house (or a room of that house anywho)
I got a fringe
Oh and I got a tattoo.... (see this blog)

Yet I feel unfulfilled.... like I did nothing this year.... maybe coz all of these things were almost spur of the moment things. Sooooo I have decided to do a list of things I shall do this year. I call it

My things to do in my year of 22 (a doobie doo)

1. Go to see 8 musicals (1 already taken care of - went to see Wicked on Tuesday ,Thank you Glyn

2. Go to see and touch one more of the Seven wonders of the world (I've done the Eiffel Tower so far)

3. Go and stand in an ancient Greek theatre

4. Dress up as a smurf (smurf yeah)

5. Buy an item of clothing in a shop in Bond Street

6. Learn to drive

7. Sing in a musical

8. Finish my first proper play

9. Meet an A list celeberately

10. Have a kiss in the rain (awwww)

11. Have a huge fight in a public place (preferably staged)

12. Cook a full blown three course meal

I have put some thought into these though am still not totally happy, somethings missing. So I have decided to open it out to you. If you have a suggestion and it's A. appropriate (ie - no naked stuff) and B. Within my human capability then I promise in my 22nd year I will do it.... (Already starting to think how much this may backfire on me.)

Let me know!!


charlotte said...

hey lisa

hope you had a gd 22nd birthday and enjoy the boots we got u! :)

re what you should try and achieve in the 22nd year of ur life i dnt have many ideas lol but somethin that would be cool tho prob impossible tht just came into my head : name a park after you like officially lol, so thats prob not gonna happen tho u could try,

how bout enter the X factor!! - u said u were gonna do that a while ago... so thats my challenge for u. and then we can see our lisa harries on tv

Mitchenstein said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! (a little late, I realise...)

Hope you had a great time - and have a fantastic 22nd year!!

I think the X-Factor thing is a good idea... I've always said I'd like to try that. It would be cool to go along as someone who just wanted to see how far they can get, rather than someone 'who's dreamed of this their whole life. Please let me through'.